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March 1, 2010

Appointment Update!

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Day 14 of Prodromal Labor:

I’m feeling pretty awful from all the contractions at the moment, but I do have a GREAT update!

My doctor is going to let me try to have my vaginal delivery!!!! Woohoo!!!!! I was so worried he would say we needed a c-section, but he said as long as I go into labor in the next two weeks we can give it a go!

Baby Boy is currently in the 98th percentile – he’s an estimated 8 lbs 13 oz at 37 weeks, 4 days. Yikes! But, he’s proportionate in size so that’s why they are saying it’s okay!

I’m effaced, soft, my cervix has moved to the front, and I’m a fingertip dialated. Progress!!!! Ahhh music to my ears! I could have kissed the nurse practitioner! She is almost certain I will go into labor in the next two weeks. I do hope so because these contractions are awful!!!! And I’m really running out of room for this kid – I’m pretty petite and he’s…um…NOT. It’s causing a lot of issues where I keep almost passing out and I’m dizzy. My heart issues don’t help that either (plus being on the heart meds, etc.). So…let’s get this show on the road!!

We are all ready to meet you little (big) boy!!! Let’s go!!!!!


February 28, 2010

Maternity Photos are Here!

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Yay!!! I LOVE how these turned out! Enjoy!

P.S. Still no baby. Day 13 of prodromal labor….yes, it sucks. But, I got photos today so I’m excited about that!

February 26, 2010

Day 11

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So much for creative titles…

Still here…contracting away. Today was a “good” day – which I’m not sure is “good” or not. I got out to walk with my husband and dog which I haven’t done in ages – the contractions were pretty strong during our walk but seemed to go back to the status quo after that.

Still waiting it out…we did get out to eat tonight with friends which was nice and helpful. The restaurant seat was NOT comfy though and my back was hurting pretty good. We went over to our other friends` house after dinner to hang out with them and their 3-week old son. Seriously adorable. And my husband was the only one who could really calm him down (he was pretty fussy today). Ross had this little grin on his face the whole time (held im for at least an hour). It made me fall in love with him all over again. What a nice night! And great distraction, too!

Fingers crossed for a birth this weekend!! 😉

February 24, 2010

Still Here…

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Day Nine…

Contractions are stronger today than yesterday, but not strong enough to go to L&D. I’m seriously hoping to progress….but, I don’t think it’s going to happen today. We’re getting a snow storm. We have a truck so it’s not like we’re stuck, but it would likely take us 2 hours to get to the hospital tonight if we had to go. Oh such mixed emotions! LOL. I’m like “bring it on, I want this kid out!” But, 2 hours in a snow storm isn’t really ideal…

I walked with a good friend of mine yesterday which was great. I felt pretty darn good yesterday up until the evening. That’s good I guess (except for that “I want labor to progress” thing that’s running on repeat in my head. Walking did feel good. Plus it was super fun to catch up with her and her little 3 week old peanut. He’s so adorable and perfect 🙂 We walked at the field house of the local University. I’m pretty sure I’m a walking birth control bilboard…My hips hurt, I’m HUGE, I’m not really smiling, and I’m waddling around the track with these college kids all around…I’m pretty sure I scream “DON’T GET KNOCKED UP!” 🙂 And yet we tried (really hard) for this baby! Ahh life is funny.

Anywho…that’s all for now. Your comments are wonderful – thank you so much. This pregnancy sure has been a roller coaster ride…can we get to the gate now though? I’m all done! 😉

February 22, 2010

Prodromal Labor Day Seven

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Went to the doctor. Still no real progress. Soft and effacing but nothing to write home about. Exhausted. Cried for a solid hour. Not much they can do. Told me to walk to try and get things moving which I will do more of tomorrow if I can. They said it is uncommon for this to go on so long.

But, nothing about this pregnancy has been common.

Spirits are a bit down today, but I just need to suck it up. After two long years, I’m really almost there…just doesn’t always feel like it! I appreciate the continued love and support! XOXO

February 21, 2010

Trip #2 to L&D

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We made our second trip to Labor & Delivery yesterday…and still no baby!!!

The contractions were coming stronger and more frequently yesterday so we decided it was time to go get checked and figure out what was going on. We left the house around 3pm and drove the one-hour to the hospital. I was having some pretty strong contractions when we arrived (such that when the nurse said she had our room I had to wait a moment for the contraction to stop before I could even get up!).

The doctor checked me and I was still NOT dialated….I’m not even joking. I was annoyed and frustrated and a bit pissed off to be perfectly honest with you. Seriously – five days of contractions and nothing…throw me a bone…lie to me…I don’t care just don’t say NO PROGRESS!!!!

I was seriously dehydrated as I was unable to really eat or drink yesterday at all. So they gave me three bags of IV fluids (I puffed up like a blow fish – you should see me – wait, you won’t because there is no way in heck I’m taking a photo right now). They also determined I have a UTI. So their two theories were #1) I was dehydrated and that was causing the contractions and #2) the UTI was causing the contractions. So….three bags of IV fluids later and I was still contracting like it was my job…and they were getting stronger, longer, and were forming a pattern. It was a textbook pattern – beautiful really on the monitor…I almost asked for a strip for posterity’s sake. Okay – dehydration was NOT my problem (although it felt good to be hydrated again).

Pausing for contraction….(for real….)

Okay…phew. Then they decided to try antibiotics to see if it would calm things down. They gave me that in my IV and came back about an hour later and….you guessed it…I was still contracting and in a ton of pain. They were running out of options. They decided to give me 10mg of Procardia to see if it would calm my uterus down. Now, mind you, I take 30mg of Procardia every night for my heart and thus far it has has no effect on stopping anything….none of us (doctor, nurses, Ross, myself) thought it would do a darn bit of good, but I took it anyway. And nothing happened.

Finally the doctor came in and checked me for a third time (oh so fun). I was still NOT dilated, but a bit soft. I’m holding that like an olympic torch and feeling accomplished! It took a lot of work to become “a little soft.” She said we could stay in L&D and walk around to see if that induces labor or we could go home and wait it out. We chose to go home. It was 10:30pm at that point and we were tired. And none of us really thought walking around would make much progress (at least not enough to warrant staying there).

And here I sit. At my computer contracting away with a soft cervix that’s not dilated….on day six of my pre-labor. Oh! Here’s something exciting though! My “condition” has a name! Prodromal Labor – basically when you are at or near term and you are contracting but not making progress. It’s like this limbo stage. I had been told about it before but wasn’t positive that’s what I was really doing…but, it is. And it can go on…and on…and on…and on… I asked our doctor about it last night and she really didn’t think it would last “weeks” which was my fear. But, a friend on SK had hers go on for 15 days…and I’m on Day Six.

So where do I stand right now? Well I don’t stand anywhere because I’m too flippin tired. But, really. I’m not dialated (at all – in case you missed that earlier). I’m “soft” and 30% effaced (is that the same thing?). I’m in Prodromal Labor which can last for quite some time. I’m not in pain at the moment – only discomfort. I’m taking lots of antibiotics to combat this UTI. I’m contracting regularly (every 5ish min. or so – I’m sick of timing them). I’m ready to evict this kid. 🙂

More later…I’m off to rest and maybe have a glass of wine today (since my doctors keep telling me I need to have a glass of wine….doctor’s orders!)

Funny quote from last night: Background: I have this weird obsession with the monitor. I watch it like a hawk. I want CREDIT for all these contractions…weird, yes. So the little monitor thing that sits on my belly slid off and wasn’t registering and it was driving me CRAZY. I asked the nurse to fix it and she did. Then she left the room. Ross was so funny because he knew this thing was driving me crazy so he’s like…”Okay hun, squeeze away now – it’s okay.” 🙂 Perhaps you had to be there, but it was very funny and cute.

I hope other people out there are having some kids….since I’m NOT at the moment 🙂

February 20, 2010

Pre-Labor Day 5

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What a difference a few days makes. Here I was on Monday so upset because I wasn’t sure if I would be allowed to try for a natural delivery…then wake up Tuesday morning having contractions 2-3 minutes apart.

I’m on day five of these contractions…yes, five days of contractions 2-3 minutes apart lasting upwards of 80 or 90 seconds. I’m pretty darn tired. We went to the doctor on Thursday (day 3 of my pre-labor) and I was NOT dilated and 30% effaced. Some progress that I’m holding tightly on to. Not enough to consider me in “labor.” So I’m calling it pre-labor.

It’s getting stronger though. Typically it’s been getting worse at night – last night was awful. The contractions were coming back to back and lasting a long time. I was having to breath and pant through them. They have been better in the morning, but each morning is getting worse. So I guess I’m making progress…right? I have a feeling I’ll end up in L&D today at some point. Because it’s only noon and these contractions are coming and are pretty strong.

The doctor prescribed me Ambien to sleep. He said I really needed a good night’s sleep. He said in 90% of cases, a good night’s sleep would either a) put me into labor or b) stop the contractions to give me a break. I am apparently in the 10% of cases where I just continue to contract for up to WEEKS – yes I said weeks.

I do think I’m making progress though. I’m probably not dilated yet (that would be way too easy), but these contractions are getting stronger enough to start doing something….

The wait is on! Maybe Baby Boy really does want to come naturally and he realizes he better get moving on that before he’s too big! What a good little boy! 😉

February 16, 2010

Disappointing Appointment & Contractions

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Quick update since I’m out of energy completely today.

I had my 35 week appointment yesterday – the baby looks awesome! But, he’s HUGE. Not just big – HUGE. At 35 weeks 4 days (yesterday), he was an estimated 7 lbs 3 oz. What’s more, his shoulders are already measuring 39 weeks. They told me that there is a chance I may not even get to attempt a normal delivery.

I’m crushed.

I had my heart set on a vaginal delivery. I want that experience. I want them to put my baby on my chest right after he’s born. I want to breastfeed him right away. I don’t want a c-section. I cried for at least a solid 30 minutes after they told me. It’s not certain yet. We have to get another growth ultrasound in two weeks to check his growth again and the doctor will make the final call at that time. I just need to prepare myself.

So that was yesterday….then today…I’ve had contractions all day. In less than one hour I was able to count 18 contractions (about 2-3 minutes apart). But, those were not hurting. I had some that hurt during lunch time and a bit after. Then they were less painful again and spread out to about every 7-8 minutes. And they’ve been that way for quite some time now with a few painful ones mixed in there. Like when I got up from the couch (yeoch!!!) or tried to walk up the stairs.

So who knows…maybe this kid will come early?! At this point, we are just waiting it out. Either I go into labor or I don’t. I just would rather not contract like this for the next month. Because I’m tired from just one day of it. But, an earlier delivery would give me better chances of a vaginal birth….we’ll see what happens! They will probably calm down and go away before morning. That’s happened before. Just in the past, I haven’t had this many and they haven’t been this strong. Stay tuned!!

February 13, 2010

Maternity Photography Shoot!

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Today was such a fun day!!! Some friends of ours are getting into professional photography and agreed to take some maternity photos for me! It was so wonderful and fun! They did a TON of different shots – belly shots, full body, some with Ross, etc. I even got my hair done this morning for the occasion (since I don’t know how to use a blow dryer or a straightener)! I felt so pretty and they were so nice and accommodating! I had been wicked nervous but they put me right at ease. It was awesome! So…..I know I’m a tease…I don’t have any of them back yet 🙂 They are working on editing them – but I should have some next week – I can’t WAIT to show you all! And…they are coming back to take newborn shots after the baby is born! Score!!! We’ll do them w/in the first two weeks so we get those really cute sleepy shots! Can’t wait!!!!

More pictures soon!!!!!

P.S. I loved my hair straightened! I’m totally buying one of those next time I’m shopping! I felt like such a….girl!

February 4, 2010

Who Needs Sleep?

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I have this song stuck in my head….by the Barenaked Ladies…Who Needs Sleep. Is that even what it’s called….

“…Who needs sleep? No you’re never gonna get it. Who needs sleep? Tell me what’s that for. Who needs sleep…yeah…this guy’s been awake since the Second World War.” Something like that….that’s probably not a very good transcription. 🙂

I just haven’t been sleeping well since Friday night. I’m so tired. Things always look gloomy when one is so tired. I’m trying Tylenol PM, but it’s not helping. I’m hoping to get something better at my next appointment.

But really – who needs sleep?

Check out a You Tube video of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJI0w9Y40zM

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