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August 25, 2009

Rough Day

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Very quick update.

I had some bleeding around noon today. I obviously freaked out b/c it was much more than spotting. After falling apart crying, I went home to be with Ross. He called the doctor and they had us come right up there. They immediately did an ultrasound and we saw the heartbeat and saw that the baby was totally fine!!! Phew! I was not expecting to see a heartbeat at that point. They did a quick exam and she saw the blood, but couldn’t find where the bleeding was coming from. So I had to have a second more thorough ultrasound. That showed that the baby is, indeed, fine, but that I have a sub-clonic (sp) hematoma – a bleed somewhere outside my uterus. I am on modified bedrest until further notice and will be out of work. I’ll be working that out tomorrow. I’m having some pain, but not horrible. So far, I have not had much more bleeding. They said I may have more from the site, but it could also re-absorb. I go back on Monday for a follow up. Luckily, my mom is coming tomorrow! Yay!!! We had great plans to go to the State Fair with a friend and a few other things, but now it will just be hanging out. Which is okay! The baby is fine and that’s all I care about!

I’ll try and update more tomorrow.


August 18, 2009


I guess you can say I don’t really like change…and I was beyond a basket case going into our first perinatal appointment yesterday. I think it was a mix of anxiety over what they would say, changing doctors, and not knowing where we were going (new office building). But, whatever it was, I was a nutcase. We parked and I felt like we were in a ghetto – okay, not literally, but it’s not the nicest place. Then we had to go register before we could head up to the doctor’s office. We arrived promptly at 12:45 to register just like the little piece of paper said and they made us wait…and wait. My appointment time of 1:00 came and went and I started freaking out. What if they won’t see me because I’m late?…etc. Well, they got me in and it only took a few minutes of answering some questions and up we went to the perinatal center. I walk in and immediately become more anxious. It was not until that moment that I realized high-risk meant more than fertility patients or people having mulitples…it also means women who smoke crack during their pregnancies. A bit different from the cushy fertility clinic with free gourmet coffee and comfy couches – a LOT different.

So I sit down across from a crack head and wait my turn. I’m freaking out at this point. They had me filling out paperwork asking me if I needed all these different benefits – WIC (women, infants, & children), food stamps, help with domestic violence…seriously. I can’t make this stuff up. I can tell you that I was wholely unprepared to spend an afternoon with the addicts who just happened to get knocked up and couldn’t tell you who the father is. But, there you have it.

Mercifully, I didn’t have to wait too long. They must have sensed the fact that I had showered in the last month and put me out of my misery by bringing me back. But, they wouldn’t let Ross come back. What? No, no, no. You don’t understand. We are in this together. I go, he goes. Nope…not the way it works. So I go back and immedately start asking when he can come back there. They kept telling me that I have to go first and then they will get him…yadda, yadda. Fine. So they weighed me (gained another pound – groan) and took my BP (surprisingly low for how anxious I was) and then I went into a little office. Clearly the state decorated it since it was quite dumpy, but whatever. The nurse proceeded to ask me a bunch of questions and I realized why I was in there alone – they were making sure I wasn’t a victim of domestic violence before they let Ross back there…fine…let’s get this show on the road. The bruises are from the daily injections of blood thinners (LOL – they really didn’t ask me that – I added it for effect).

Finally, after I gave my history and told them that Ross is the father of this child and yes, he is aware of it, they let him back. Relief. Then we got a quick ultrasound to see the heartbeat. It was my first external u/s (TMI warning – all the other ones have been internal which is a REAL treat let me tell ya). The baby was moving all around and it’s heart was going 189 bpm. It was a little jumping bean in there. So cute! It was hard to make out much of anything (externals are not as clear as internals at this stage), but it was still cute.

Then we got to meet with the doctor. Tired yet? Yeah, us too. We were there for a solid 2 1/2 hours! And he was great. Between him and the wonderful nurses, I realized it doesn’t matter that crack heads are there – these docs are good. He went over our history and we discussed all the previous miscarriages in detail so he could try and figure out the reasons for them. He doesn’t think the first was related to the second, third, and fourth. Which is good. He feels we have a great shot at having this baby. Man, did I want to hear that! He feels like things are going great and we just need to keep up with the meds. He did say he feels we are high risk and that we should stay with them. He said we didn’t have to, but it’s recommended. He wants to watch how the placenta grows and attaches to the uterus as the pregancy progresses. He feels that may be an underlying cause of the miscarriages and thus, wants to watch it close. I asked if I could continue to have weekly u/s appointments to put my mind at ease and he said yes I can for as long as I wanted. We scheduled an appointment for next Monday and our first trimester NT Scan (where they measure the fluid in the neck to predict abnormalities) for the following Monday – I can’t wait – that’s going to be a GREAT view of the baby!!! I hope it’s a little jumping bean then, too!

So, all in all, a good visit. I got over the crack head situation and moved on to the fact that the doctors and nurses are amazing and knowledgable. We are happy and safe there and it’s the best place for our baby – so we’ll stay!

No pics today – the resolution wasn’t great and you can’t see anything so I won’t bore you. Belly shots in a few days – not sure if you can tell the difference between last week and this! Anyway, thanks for reading to the bottom! Love to all!

August 13, 2009

It has legs!

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Today was a great day! Our little one has arms and legs!!! And while I was sad it was my last appointment at the fertility clinic, it turned out to be a great one. The little one has a heartrate of between 160 and 170 (counldn’t count exactly b/c we were on an older u/s machine). It even waved at us! So cute! I loved seeing it move – I squealed in delight! Here are some pictures:

This first one is of our little bean with it’s flippers (legs). It’s about an inch long.


And this next one is our little bean with the umbilical cord ( on the left hand side). Also so cute! We got some great shots today! IMG_1089

So all in all a great day! I teared up when I saw the little one moving and again when we left the office. Thanks to my friend, KB, who stood in Ross’ place today. Another reminder of how wonderful my friends are!

August 12, 2009


Yikes! Tomorrow is my very last appointment at the fertility clinic. They are discharging me…O.M.G. I can’t believe we are to this point.

I, of course, have mixed feelings about leaving there. I go to a wonderful practice. They hold your hand (literally and figuratively) through everything. I’ve been in there crying and had my doctor holding my hands telling me it would be okay and that everything is a gift from God and that we would get our baby somehow. And now…after tomorrow…I’m done. No more super nice nurses with friendly smiles giving you hugs to wish you luck, no more awesome doctor giving you hope you never knew you could have, no more comfortable environment where every detail is thought of. Done. And that freaks me out. They are releasing my records to my new OB. Of course this is the happy ending we were looking for and I’m grateful and feel so blessed. But it’s scary, too. I love going there for my weekly u/s appointments.

On Monday, we will go for our high-risk consultation at the Regional Perinatal Center. We will listen to what they have to say and they will decide if we should remain high risk for some or all of my pregnancy. At that point, we will either stay with them exclusively, or go to them AND a regular OB, or get discharged to a regular OB exclusively. I do not plan on returning to my previous OB for this pregnancy. He’s wonderful and I like him very much. In fact, I recommend him to any of my girlfriends who are in need of a good OB – and a few have gone and are very happy. But, he is NOT a high risk doctor. He just doesn’t do it. And even if we are released from the perinatal/high-risk practice, I will to some degree, remain high risk. I will be taking medications and need some close monitoring (at least for a while). So, I will be looking into a different doctor. My nurse recommended a practice and I will likely go to them. I also want to deliver at the hospital which deals with the perinatal center and has a Neonatal unit. I just feel more comfortable.

So, I guess that’s it for today. I’m anxious about tomorrow and will probably even cry when I leave there. But, one day soon I’ll hopefully be able to go back there and bring my little baby which will be an amazing day! And, when we are ready to try for number 2 (clearly being very optimistic here…), I’ll be back there again for another round of drugs and procedures! And yes, I’m crying right now.

August 9, 2009

Maternity Clothes

I finally broke down – I’m in maternity clothes! None of my clothes fit anymore and I was tired of being uncomfortable! I had some clothes from my first pregnancy that I never wore and went to Motherhood Maternity yesterday to pick up some new digs. My girlfriend gave me some clothes as well so I have a bit of a selection. I thought I’d make today’s post a picture post. Here are some belly shots:



And one of my new maternity outfits:


And my 8week u/s pic:

8week u/s

My apologies for the infrequent updates. The morning sickness has been awful and I’ve been quite tired. Between that and trying to keep up with life, I’m pooped! I’ll try and be better… 🙂

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