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January 27, 2010

33 Weeks Along

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Again I win the worst blogger on the planet award. Sorry.

So much has been going on! I’ll try and recap. We had our baby shower a few weeks ago! It was AWESOME! We honestly have the greatest friends and family on the planet to throw us such a wonderful party. It was a Jack & Jill so that all our couple friends could attend. It was super laid back which was just our speed. We held it at a local lodge and had beer, wine, and soda. Perfect! We also had some of our friends kids come which made it even more special. We were spoiled rotten and I’m still overwhelmed with people’s generocity. We got everything we needed and more! Let me tell you, this kid has way more clothes than I do at this point! 🙂 Here are a few pics:

Here is us trying to open one of the gifts! (It was an umbrella stroller)

And here’s a nice picture of Ross and me as the shower was ending.

We’ve also been working on the nursery – it’s getting there! We went with a jungle theme which I adore! I love all animals and giraffes are among my favorites! Ross has done a great job of putting together all the furniture. The biggest thing we have left to do is the window treatments and hanging a few things on the walls. Oh yeah, and I want a bookcase. But that’s easy – and really doesn’t have to be done before the baby arrives. Here are some pics of the nursery:

Here’s Baby Boy’s crib and his giraffe from our good friend D.

And here’s his changing table/dresser (with a shot of his very full closet!)

And her’es the view from the door with the glider. The windows will have blinds and a valence.

And not that this is nursery-related, but here is Baby Boy’s coming home outfit! Ross bought this for the baby for Christmas and I love it! Soooo cute!

OMG I’m 7 weeks away from having a BABY!!!! Yes, apparently that just hit me. I’m so excited, but also really nervous. I don’t know WHAT to do with a baby! I know I’ve got a lot of “stuff,” but not a clue what to do! Yikes! I really can’t wait to meet him though. It’s been quite a long journey and I’m so thrilled it’s finally almost over and we get to have our little man. Life is good! 🙂


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