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June 26, 2010

Precious Moments

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I am so lucky. I mean SO lucky. My life is absolutely perfect right now. I go through my days not wanting to forget a single second of my life. I wish I could just bottle it up and keep it in my pocket forever. Here are some of the things I don’t want to ever forget:

  • They way Nathan smiles at me when I go to get him out of his crib in the morning – he lights up with joy!
  • The way Nathan smells – that sweet intoxicating baby smell.
  • The way his little hand grasps my finger with such a strong grip
  • The way he holds on to my shirt when I’m nursing him – so content.
  • The way he screams as if he’s never eaten in his whole life when he is ready to eat.
  • The way he turns his head down and into his shoulder as if he is so shy.
  • The way he kicks his little legs constantly as if he needs to show them who’s boss.
  • The way he is captivated by lights in the ceiling.
  • The way he falls asleep in my arms even before we read our bedtime story.
  • The way his cute little mouth drinks his vitamins at night.
  • The way he snuggles into my shoulder when I’m holding him.
  • The way he loves to sit in my lap and hang out or read books.
  • The way his cute little toes curl up when I go to play with his feet.
  • The way he sometimes lets this little scream out after he sneezes.
  • How smooth his skin is – perfection.
  • The way he sucks on his hands all the time!
  • How he has one little extra ridge on his right ear that’s not on his left.
  • That he has one single eyelash that is 50% longer than all the others on his right eye.
  • The fact that he can go from screaming mad to totally content just by putting him in a warm bath.
  • The fact that he loves it when I give him so many kisses.
  • And the way he makes my life complete.

I am so happy right now!!



  1. Awwww…That is such a precious post. Having a blog really allows us to put down our thoughts so we will never forget them. Life is so sweet with beautiful babies to love and adore.

    Comment by Amy — June 26, 2010 @ 8:26 pm |Reply

  2. To watch your baby blossom and thrive as a mommy is truly one of life’s great joys. Nathan is a lucky little boy to have you and Ross as his parents. And I am so lucky to have all three of you…plus Mr. Riley Dog! Dad, AKA Gramps, also read this post and I do believe I saw a lump in Mr. Tough Guy’s throat.
    Love you. Mom

    Comment by Mom/Nana — June 26, 2010 @ 8:31 pm |Reply

  3. Those precious moments are the best…and it is even better to write them down to remember forever! Every once in a while, I do a similar blog post about Micah (and I’ll have to start that for Twoey, also).

    Comment by Tkeys — June 26, 2010 @ 9:36 pm |Reply

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