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October 18, 2009

Kind of Off Bedrest (Sort of)!

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We had a pretty good appointment on Wednesday and I’m officially allowed to start re-integrating into society. LOL. Well, sort of. I have to take it really easy and not do too much. I have to sit down a lot and can only do a few things each day.  On Wednesday, we went to Wegmans after our appointment to have lunch and get some groceries. You cannot even imagine how excited I was to do that. First of all Wegmans is my favorite place on earth (right up there with the State Fair and petting zoos). Second, I got to actually walk around – no wheelchairs, no motorized scooters, but WALK! And it nearly killed me. I had to sit down twice, my heart was pounding and racing in my chest and I started cramping. So, it wasn’t fantastic, but I did it! And boy did I pay for it that evening when I was so sore and tired!

The next day I made my maiden voyage out of the house on my own. I had some clothes that needed to be returned to the maternity store before the end of the week (per their 30 day return policy). So, for the first time in two months, I drove my car! I felt like I was 16 and had just received my driver’s license. I was nervous! I had to drive 45 minutes each way to the store and was very anxious about being on my own. Besides being alone in my house, I haven’t been alone in two months. I don’t go to the doctor alone. I don’t drive alone (or at all, actually). It was scary to be alone. I kept thinking, “what if something happens to me?” “what if I have to go to the hospital?” “I’m in the wrong city – this is not where my hospital is.” “What if I get sick?” “what if I start bleeding?” “What if I feel like I might pass out?” It really was nerve-wracking! But, all in all, I did okay. I got to the store to return my clothes and exchanged them for a few new digs. I made it home just as it was getting dark. I didn’t pass out. I didn’t need to go to the hospital. And I was okay. Nervous, but okay.

Friday my goal was to visit my colleagues at work. I have missed seeing them! My office is 2 miles from my home so I drove down there and paid a visit for a little while. I got to see many of my colleagues and it was great! So  nice to visit with them. They were super sweet as always and I even got to meet the two new staff members. Man – I’ve been out long enough that we have new staff members?! I stayed for a while until they needed to work and I got weary. I went to the grocery store after that which was a bit too much for me, but I pushed through. I pushed the cart and leaned on it a lot – it was pretty rough actually. But, again, I made it through and got all the fixings to make dinner!!! After resting for about 3 hours after my journey to the grocery store, I got up and made my husband dinner. Something I’ve wanted to do for two months!!! It wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever made, but it was good enough for Ross to get seconds and thirds. 🙂

Saturday, I went for a walk! And that was a big mistake I think. LOL. It just about did me in. All I did was walk to the stop sign, but I felt like death when we got home. I was out of breath, weak, faint, and my heart was pounding. So…I’m going to hold off on doing that again for a while! It was nice and fun, but my body isn’t ready for it. Besides my walk, I dusted the TV and stand and did a little work in the nursery (sitting most of the time sorting through things). The nursery has been used as a guest room and craft room for two years – I’m in the process of getting all the craft stuff OUT so we can get all of Baby Boy’s things IN! 🙂 That wore me out pretty good and I was soooo ready for bed last night.

Today I’m trying to go to Walmart. I’m a bit tired and weak, but I really want to go. I ordered a booster seat for Baby Boy that came in and I want to pick it up. Plus, I want to get some photos developed and so it seems like a good excuse to go. It’ll probably be a lot though and I’m a bit nervous about going…I know everyone says it’s hard to ease back into things after bedrest, but it’s more than hard. It’s unexpectedly difficult – and I was prepared for it to be hard. It’s amazing how you can walk up the stairs and be out of breath. Or try and do laundry and realize that one load takes 3 days. Or decide to dust and realize you can dust one item of furniture. I know it’s going to take time and I’m okay with that – it’s just the physical parts that I’m having trouble with. The feeling like crud when you try to do something. The having to sit down in the shower b/c your heart won’t stop racing. I know it’ll come. I’m so thrilled to be allowed out of my house on my own terms and I don’t care how long it takes. I’m pretty content doing two or three things a day and calling it quits. It’s still a bit boring, but not as bad as bedrest. And I know that I can’t push it or I will end up back on bedrest!

I didn’t mention my appointment really – we had our anatomy scan this past week! Baby Boy has fingers, toes, a stomach, a 4-chambered heart with appropriate blood flow, a diaphram, a bladder, boy parts, and an adorable little face that I could just smother with kisses!! As of Wednesday, he weighed 9.5 oz. What a big boy! He’s measuring ahead of schedule. Me on the other hand – I’m not. I’m having trouble gaining weight. I’ve noticed it for about 4 weeks now, but finally decided to say something to the doctor. I’m 18 weeks and have only gained 4 pounds. Not horrible. Not great. Not as much as they would like. I should gain 25-35 pounds total and should be gaining about a pound a week. In the last two and a half weeks, I’ve gained zero. The doctor had us meet with the nutritionist about how to gain more weight. We went over my history with regards to morning sickness, bedrest, etc. She said that most people on bedrest gain weight. I’m having trouble eating quantity though – I’m just not that hungry! She gave me some tips on how to make every bit count with regards to calories. If I’m eating a cucumber (one of my favs), I need to dip it in ranch dressing or put cheese on it. I need to find calorie-rich foods that aren’t super filling so that I can tolerate them better. So I spent the next four days stuffing my face full of cheese and cupcakes and candy and anything else I could stomach. And guess what. I STILL didn’t gain one ounce. I weighed myself four days later (as I’ve been doing at home periodically) and was the exact same weight as I was the morning of my appointment. Sigh. So I’ll keep gorging myself and see if I can gain! What a funny and weird issue to have…

My other weird issue is these near-fainting spells I’ve had. I think I may have mentioned them in an earlier post – where I get shaky, weak, faint, toes/fingers go numb, heart starts pounding, etc. I mentioned them to the doctor and they think it’s because of my Mitral Valve prolapse (with regurgitation). My blood flows backwards through  my mitral valve. It’s not serious, but can get worse in pregnancy. The doctor thinks that’s what’s making me feel weak and giving me heart palpitations. So I’m off to the cardiologist tomorrow to get a maternal echocardiogram (echo). Just to make sure the regurgitation isn’t worse. I’m supposed to get echos every few years, but haven’t had one in maybe 4 years or so. I’m sure it’ll turn out the same as my previous echos – maybe a little worse, but not bad. I think I’ll probably just have to deal with the side effects of the MVP with regurg. The great news is I can still attempt a natural delivery! I was wondering if it would put too much strain on my  heart, but the doctor said it’s totally fine to have a natural birth (just so long as they give me antibiotics of course).

We got some good pictures at the ultrasound – here they are!

 Baby Boys’ feet! My favorite picture!!! So cute!18 weeks feet

Baby Boy’s face – 18 weeks18 weeks face

Baby Boy’s profile – 18 weeks18 weeks profile

Baby Boy’s right arm – 18 weeks 18 weeks arm

Thanks for reading to the bottom! 🙂


  1. Oh I so remember how it felt to actually move around after being on bed rest for so long. I never got cleared to get up and about I just cheated here and there. I remember one day that I snuck out to Babies R Us and the drive there was just how you described it. Driving was so foreign. Then once I was there I about died after walking up and down a few isles. After I got home that day I started having issues and was put in the hospital for the 2nd time so I was could not cheat after that. I’m glad you at least get to do a few things here and there.

    I had only gained about 4 pounds around my 18th week with twins and I only gained 22 pounds in the whole pregnancy. I was eating anything and everything I could get my hands on after I felt better in the 2nd trimester. I sitll couldn’t gain. When I was in the hospital they finally had me drink Ensure with each meal in addition to large meals they were feeding me. That helped me gain the last 6 or so pounds before the girls were born. Maybe try something like that.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing the cute pictures of baby boy!

    Comment by Amy on SK — October 18, 2009 @ 4:33 pm |Reply

  2. Cute pics!
    I get occasional brief runs of palpitations with my MVP too. I don’t have any MR though. I would imagine the passing out might be more from being out of shape after bedrest, and your body not being as good as it used to be at compensating for changes in position or heartrate. Should come back though.
    They changed the recommendations about antibiotic prophylaxis for congenital heart stuff a year or two ago. MVP with MR is no longer considered a reason to get antibiotics before dental visits or surgery. There are actually very very few conditions now that require any antibiotics. Some doctors don’t follow the new guidelines and still overprescribe antibiotics, some adhere to the new ones.
    Pregnancy might actually be good for your MR too. Faster heart rates and lower blood pressure are good for reducing the amount of regurgitation, and both come with pregnancy. Even an epidural is good for you. Sometimes if the MR is really severe, they may recommend an epidural and use a vacuum to assist delivery, but that’s pretty rare.
    I’ve also had trouble with weight gain (only 2.2lb by 16 weeks, and I’ve managed to put on another 4.4lb by the 19.5 week mark. And that was with working part time and lying around a lot, and drinking 1-2 Slimfasts a day as a snack between meals. That gets in an extra serving of milk, some protein, and an extra 180 or so calories per shake. It’s really easy to take and drink at work too.

    Comment by Kate — October 19, 2009 @ 5:17 pm |Reply

  3. Horray for being off bedrest!!! Sounds exhausting right now, but Im sure you’ll bounce back just in time to be exhausted for an even better reason… having a new baby boy around 🙂

    Comment by Life In Paradise — October 21, 2009 @ 7:33 pm |Reply

  4. Thanks, Ladies 🙂

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with weight gain issues. I have put on another 1 1/2 lbs this past week and a half! I’ve been beefing up my food intake which makes me feel so gross and bloated! But, it’s all for a good cause. I looked down though today and was like “darn, it all went to my hips/heiney!” LOL. Ahhh the joys! I’m going to buy some cliff bars that aren’t as filling as gorging at dinner, but will give me some nutrients. I dont’ do well with slimfast or ensure….I gag it up unfortunately. If it gets to that point, I’ll drink it…but that will be a last resort!!!

    Kate – thanks for the advice and comment! I have known about the change in protocal, but with all the medical stuff I’ve been through in the last year and a half (including post-surgery infections), I’ve had to continue antibiotics. Once the baby is born and I can finally be healthy it’ll be a different story. Although my cardiology appt didn’t go great so there are some things that are still up in the air. More on that another time.

    Comment by lhoham — October 22, 2009 @ 12:51 pm |Reply

  5. I’m so glad you’re getting to be up and about more!!!! After my 12 1/2 weeks of bedrest with my son, I felt almost incapacitated the first few weeks. I know how hard it is! Just don’t push too hard…you don’t want to stress your body. I’m having a hard time being up and about after just my 4 week bedrest stint this time…I’m just going slow as well. I know I won’t be in ‘normal activity’ mode until after the babies are born anyhow.

    I’m the same way with bedrest and weight gain…so weird, huh? I’m hoping to be getting some semblence of an appetite soon since I know that will make me feel better too!

    Comment by Eve — October 23, 2009 @ 2:46 pm |Reply

  6. It’s a miracle!
    It reminds me of my kids’ pre-birth pictures.
    Thanks for the memories… 😉

    Comment by Nemrod Kedem — October 26, 2009 @ 2:49 pm |Reply

  7. So love those little Baby Boy feet! Just too cute! Now post the new pictures, Mommy!
    Love you, Mom

    Comment by Mom — October 28, 2009 @ 5:01 pm |Reply

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