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May 26, 2009


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I had my pre-op for my laparoscopy and hysterscopy today. I had 3 vials of blood taken and met with one of the doctor’s in the practice who I had never met before. I was taken completely off guard when he came in because I was expecting the NP or PA who I usually see when I go. But, nope. In walks a new doctor with an Australian accent and salt n’ pepper hair – settle down, ladies, he was not cute…damn. The Australian accent gets us every time…The appointment was really uneventful, actually. He listened to my heart murmur and declared that either his hearing was going or it’s a faint murmur. It may be faint, but it’s caused by blood moving backwards in my heart…faint doesn’t make it any better! He wants me to check with my primary care doc or my cardiologist to see if I need antibiodics before the surgery…the funny thing about that is that I was supposed to go to the cardiologist oh, about a year ago, and haven’t made it there…smooth move. I suppose I’ll call my primary care and see what her take on it is…and perhaps I will make a trip to the cardiologist in the next few weeks. Or, maybe I’ll just go with “my cardiologist usually recommends antibiodics before surgery…” since my previous cardiologist did…hmm…decisions. In a way it felt good to be back in the office…all about moving forward and progress. We hope to begin our new cycle of injectable IUI with IV intralipids as soon as AF (aunt flo) arrives after the surgery. But, they said to expect bleeding for 2 weeks after surgery so I’m not sure how I’ll differentiate between that and AF…I’ll have to ask that question before they give me my happy martini drug to knock me out. Hopefully I’ll have the surgery and a few weeks later start all my drugs again. I also hope they will find something (see previous post) because if they do not, I’m going to freak out. I should have mentioned that to this doc today. Do you think if I ask really nicely, that they will lie and tell me they found massive amounts of endometriosis or scar tissue, even if nothing is there? It may sound unethical to you, dear reader, but to me, it would be a godsend.


On a totally different and random note, I am now back to typing with TWO hands…a first in five weeks!!! Yippeee!!!! I got the all clear from my physical therapist (as long as I wear my brace). I feel so much more productive now! So if my posts seem more stream-of-consciousness, it’s because I can type faster than I can think clearly…sorry for you. So, 4-5 more weeks of PT and hopefully I’ll re-gain full use of my left hand! It’s amazing the things you miss with just one hand – like washing your hair, opening a door, petting the dog, etc.

And a random, but IF related note, I almost cried when I saw a picture of a baby today…and not tears of happiness…and yet, I had to look at it. It was like a gorey scene from a movie…you don’t want to see it, but you look anyway. Typically I enjoy pictures of newborns, especially those from all my SK friends…but this picture really irked me….I practiced my deep breathing “shit if you cry at work AGAIN you’re going to kick your own butt” technique and recovered well, thanks for asking! 🙂



  1. Well, I’ll be hoping for a little endo in there for you! So glad to hear your hand is now on the mend! I used to have a murmur when I was in highschool/college and always had to ‘premedicate’ before surgeries and even dental procedures. My murmur went away. They said it was probably because I was a runner, and apparently that’s pretty common.

    Hope this lap comes soon and gets you back on the road to a sticky bfp!!!!

    Comment by Eve — May 27, 2009 @ 1:26 pm |Reply

  2. I’ve been looking for infertility blogs as we begin our IVF route, and it is nice to find yours. It is good to read someones who is just getting started! Good Luck!

    Comment by my journey — May 28, 2009 @ 12:02 am |Reply

  3. Glad your arm is doing better, and good luck with the surgery! I have mitral valve prolapse . . . and they are no longer recommending antibiotics for that (not sure if that is your issue, too). Hope you get some good news (or bad, as the case may be). For me, I spotted for a few weeks, the spotting stopped and then AF came, but I was on hormones to rebuild my lining, so it was pretty clear what was AF – it came 2 days after stopping the meds.

    Comment by Tkeys — May 28, 2009 @ 12:38 am |Reply

  4. Lindsey,

    I won’t ever forget feeling like you do right now. I wished for the L and H to tell us something was wrong because then there would be something to fix. My problem wasn’t carrying it was just plain getting pregnant. I kept thinking that even if I had M/C’s it would be better than not conceiving at all. Watching you go through what you are I no longer feel that way. When Dr. K came into my cubicle after the surgery and said “Good news, we didn’t find anything”. I thought I would die. I immediately started crying and told him why. His words were “It will be easier if nothing is wrong so be thankful we found nothing.” He was very much annoyed by me, but still I didn’t care. The surgery was Dec. 7 and we were pregnant Jan. So, don’t give up hope. My thoughts are with you always.

    Comment by Amanda — May 29, 2009 @ 11:44 am |Reply

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